It’s That Time of the Year to Think BIG!

It’s that time of the year when we suddenly realised we’re already in the final quarter of the year. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we are in Q4 2019. 

To many, this is the time to make plans for a few things:

  1. To end the year well.
  2. To find the outstanding things that we’ve lost over the last 9 months and bring them back to shock us at the length of the undone items.
  3. To find the reasons to justify the undones.

For the more level headed few, this October, if not September, would be the best time to chart our course for the next calendar year. We are headed to 2020 with three months left to spare. So are you going to light the fire to your path?

I’ve always thought that when you’ve arrived at this time of the year, you will be in two distinct halves of the journey. You’re either still very much on the ball or you’ve forgotten completely what this year is all about. And so with time and space getting as messed up as the digital universe, it’s actually acceptable to say, “We’re looking into the future and planning for the following year instead.”

So if you’re like one of those making big plans for the next year, you’re in luck because we’ve put together a THINK BIG Resource List that may get you up to speed. Without further ado, and in the most randomly curated list, here are some keys to envelope yourself in the spirit of thinking big!

How to Think Big, in Work and Life

If you’re in the business world, you will almost always want to be featured in Forbes, and a reputable business magazine in this league will not be complete without a Think Big article of its own.

Authored by Forbes contributor Dorie Clark back in 2014, she extracted 4 main principles from Michael Port’s book – The Think Big Manifesto – and informs us about how we need to prepare our mindsets before we can confidently go and remould our ways.

This book might come in handy when we're charting our course to Think BIG!
Michael Port’s The Think Big Manifesto.

The article draws from the easiest bits for us to chew on but not necessarily the ones that we will struggle through the least with. The objective is to get our engines warmed up before we enter the Think Big Race. So if you’re ready, head on to the article here.

T-H-I-N-K-B-I-G by Ben Carson

It’s a short YouTube video of about 3 minutes long by perhaps the most accomplished neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson. In the video, he assigned valuable meaning to every single alphabet of the monumental thinking pattern that could change anybody’s life. 

In a very concise and easily digestible way and without giving too much away, Dr. Ben shared about the importance of knowledge, books and being nice. He also gave simple examples for each representation so we can quickly put thoughts into motion and frame the ideas for our lives.

What does Dr. Ben know about thinking big? His life reflects it.

Prior to his official appointment today as the 17th United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development since 2017 under the Trump Administration, he was already a critically acclaimed neurosurgeon known the world over for separating conjoined twins at the head. He would then go on to author books to inspire like Think Big: Unleashing Your Potential for Excellence, Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story, Take the Risk: Learning to Identify, Choose, and Live with Acceptable Risk, You Have a Brain: A Teen’s Guide to T.H.I.N.K. B.I.G., just to name a few. 

But before all the roaring success:he was raised by an illiterate mother and a father who left the family when he was still very young. In school, he was ridiculed for being stupid due to his poor grades in the early years. But the tide turned when he came of age as a teenager as his academic progress surged ahead after his mother’s strict discipline that compelled her two boys to read at least two library books each week.

What began as a story of lack and transformed into the director of paediatric neurosurgery at the young age of 33 at Johns Hopkins Hospital, to then a neurosurgeon of global fame and part of the US Government today, surely Ben’s version of Think BIG is something we can all take home with.  

If you have 3 minutes to spare, check out Ben’s video here.

Fulfilling Personal Duties

It's that time of the year to Think BIG!
Beyond the big numbers and success, think of the people who matter too.

In drawing up your Think Big plan, perhaps it would also be good to consider the personal duties you may have with the people around you because without them, any success would really be quite meaningless.

  1. Your Spouse Try and recall the dreams you have together. Are you on your way to fulfilling them? If not, there’s always time to plan it.
  2. Your Children Do you think you have done enough to contribute to their future well being? If not, why not work out the small little guideposts you need to accomplish so you know your Think Big plan will always have them in mind.
  3. Your Parents What do you reckon you need to do in order to have that parent-child relationship grow and in fact glow like when they first conceived you as a child? Have you done sufficiently for your parents? If not, what can you do now to make them part of your grand plan?
  4. Your Relatives We’re talking about our cousins, uncles, aunties, grannies, in-laws; because they are an extension of your immediate family, they too are biologically related. What then can you draw up that can contribute to some moments with them again? 
  5. Your Contributors/Cheerleaders This could be someone who has brought a big change to your life or given you an opportunity that you knew was a game changer. Is there a way to repay their generosity and kindness? What could be done to ensure their effort in you has not gone to waste?
  6. Your Comrades/Bros & Sis-in-Arms You’d call them brothers and sisters but really you’re just tight friends who share so much in between. In the world of social media, friends have been downgraded so much to only receiving the momentary likes and engagements. Is that what friendship is about? If not, think of ways to empower the bonding again so together, you can celebrate when your Think Big plans shoot through the roof. Who knows, in return, some day, some way, they too might find your Think Big roadmap useful for them. 
  7. Your Customers & Colleagues Unless you’re working in the farm like King David when he was a kid, you would likely have people to interact with. How could you contribute more to them? How can they benefit from the results of your plans? Or better yet, can they play a role in your Think Big plan? You’d be surprised what you can accomplish when you have more people on board.
  8. Spiritual Duty Do you have an inclination to fulfil your holy purpose and spiritual calling? Do you have a mighty God you serve that to be righteous and holy underscore your entire being of living on this planet? If so, what do you think you ought to realign so your little missteps here and there can be salvaged especially if it involves another brother or sister? That’s right, we’re not meant to live in isolation, it’s a life of community that we must celebrate together with. So, in the most divinely arranged purpose of our existence and presence, God has created your parents, your family, your friends and everything around you so you don’t become all alone in the abundant earth that we all live in. There’s a way to reach out and think big spiritually. I know so because I have called out to my God too.

I believe beyond the tangible numbers and the superior performance we all yearn for, there is a humane side of us that we need to penetrate into and unearth from. It’s where our soul resides and it’s where our hearts desires dwell in. 

When we begin warming up to the idea that our dreams also comes from our inner soul, we will realise that it has to do with life, people and livelihood on earth. Our mere existence cannot be fulfilled alone if we only think upon ourselves as the lone star responsible to shine on the entire planet. We need us, we need we, and we need God.

Think Big, it’s time’s!

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