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After looking at the list of things to consider to Think BIG in It’s that Time of the Year to Think BIG and then to ignite our motivation for this season to prepare for 2020 through A Champion or A Clown?, it’s now time to be equipped with some audio resources to help us withstand the pressure when we trudge along to work on our plans.

Firstly, you must recognise that as we move from planning to implementation, we will encounter uphill battles and unpredictable headwinds. They will come unexpectedly and they come in all shapes and sizes too. So what are you going to do when you’re faced with such challenges?

Given that we are now less than 80 days to reach 2020 and that the world is already hyper-connected, powered by hypercontent and used by overhyped individuals like you and I, we have more than sufficient resources at our disposal to keep us upbeat and ever ready to take on any roaring lions that come our way.

As most of us will either walk, commute or drive from one place to the next with our earphones plugged in these days, the following are three best podcast hosts you may find purposeful for your slaughtering agenda; be they in business, starting your career or in rebuilding an empire that has just returned from its long hibernation.

  1. Tristan White’s Think Big Act Small Podcast
Tristan and his AFL fans of the Richmond Tigers.

Who is Tristan White? About 20 years ago, he was a newly graduated physiotherapist and found the industry of treating sporting athletes not something he’d fancy doing as much as he had imagined it to be. Instead, by following his natural inclination of treating the ageing society, he ignited an interest that was difficult to put away and this kick-started a whole new professional career for Tristan. This passion soon grew into a thriving service business in 2004 with his company The Physio-Co eventually earning the accolades 10 times as one of the Top 50 Best Employers to Work for in Australia.

Just as its name suggests, Tristan’s podcast crunches big thinking mantras into smaller chunks of actionable items. He draws ideas and experiences for the listeners by picking on the brains, wisdom and expertise of the successful business leaders that have struck an inspirational chord with him. Often, they have have been friends, met at a certain conferences or like Ben Hosking who was actually one of Tristan’s mentors.

The hotshots Tristan has brought on to the show included icons and personalities with brand names like the ANZ, Shark Tank Australia, AFL and Boost Juice behind them; all these just in Season 1 of his podcast.

The podcasts are all very good but if I have to choose some of my personal favourites, they’ll be:

Dr. Glen Richards, Shark Tank Australia.
Dr. Glen Richards, Shark Tank Australia
Jack Delosa, Founder of The Entourage.
Jack Delosa, Founder of The Entourage
Paul Roos – AFL legend & Media Commentator.
Paul Roos, an AFL Legend and Media Commentator
Shayne Elliott – Chief Executive Officer, ANZ Bank.
Shayne Elliot, CEO of ANZ Bank
Jay Baer – Founder, Convince & Convert.
Jay Baer, Founder of Convince & Convert
Janine Allis – Boost Juice.
Janine Allis, Founder of Boost Juice
Chris Ducker – Business Mentor & Founder, Youpreneur Summit.
Chris Ducker, Business Mentor & Founder of Youpreneur Summit

Confession: I’ve actually only just finished season 1 because I’ve started from the very first episode. But the good news is there’s heaps of podcasts still to go and the opinions shared by Tristan’s carefully curated individuals have been immensely helpful especially if you’ve been in a leadership position for a while and desperately need some fresh content to give you that jump start or excitement again. 

As you listen, and bear with some of the repetitive questions when you go from one podcast to the next, you will find there’s actually more strategies and advice of a different kind that come genuinely from the answers of the personalities Tristan interviewed. It’s certainly not something doctored to be sterile or explosive, I can guarantee you that.

Tristan White, a physiotherapist turned successful entrepreneur and now a podcast host at Think Big Act Small.
You can find out more about Tristan here.

2. Kerwin Rae’s Unstoppable Podcasts

Who is Kerwin Rae? Well, this buffed up musclemania is one motivational guru, trainer, speaker and even a good doting father that separates himself from the rest of the mild mannered clean cut and sometimes out-of-touch platform presenters because he gets the job done with you with proven business blueprint that accelerates your route to success.

The energetic and inspiring Kerwin Rae.
Kerwin Rae’s fun side is quite a permanent feature when you follow him.

Kerwin swears like you won’t believe it and he enjoys doing that, as much as some of us watching him doing so. He brings with him a friendly personality that will not hesitate to talk you down like your best friend giving you the slap of your life because you’ve done something awfully wrong to your children or your parents.

He will not think twice to tell you to focus regardless of how impressive your mega plans might sound to him and neither will he doubt the next word to drive the point into your stubborn skull if and when your ego is inflated beyond planet earth although you’re still far off from what you can achieve.

Kerwin’s a fast talker and he speaks with confidence, rather typical of macho Aussie blokes. He would also like to share his experiences of having taught corporations and individuals to be unstoppable. 

Why did I include him in my list?

As a start, Kerwin’s materials are very addictive. It’s like adrenaline after an intense workout, you’ll feel on top of the world and want another round of it again. His friendly chatter is what will get you off your seat and paint you with a smile whenever he swears the four letter word right in front of his guests, audience and all on record for us to hear. Yeah and you bet you’ll get a kick out of just listening to him firing away!

From the podcast of Kerwin’s I caught, and although not as many as Tristan’s, some have actually made very lasting impressions. They come with deep life lessons and I would not be mistaken that you too will find them beneficial. They are:

a. Improve Your Life By Understanding What You’re Eating with Monica Meldrum

Why did this have a lasting impression on me? Monica of Whole Kids talked about what drove her to participate in an exhibition that was making its entry into Australia at a time when the industry was still in its infancy. With very pragmatic steps, she took the bold step to start her company only after securing legitimate orders from a certain customer at the exhibition. Monica was also up against big corporations when she spoke up about the kind of food that were supposedly branded as healthy but actually not. Perhaps destined, Monica’s ingenuity earned her the purchase orders from Qantas that remained as one of the most glorious highlights of her company’s history.

b. An Ex-Heroin Addict’s Transformation from the Inside Out with Anthony Noud

Now this is true heroic of Anthony Noud of Awakened Lifestyles who went from a long term, overweight and hopeless drug user to turning his life around by keeping the gym tidy (out of sympathy from his employer to give him a job) to then shaping up as a bodybuilder champion. Juicy stories can’t get better than this and if Hollywood is looking for the next Arnie, Stallone or Van Damme to fill the void, Anthony could be a good candidate, provided they can convince him to cross the Pacific Ocean because after having clinched the ticket to the national finals at the bodybuilding championship, something which all his muscle-crazed peers yearned for, he found his calling and decided to follow it instead. You’ll have to listen to find out why he’s taken this less glitzy route and not the glamourous life paparazzi may chase after.

c. The Journey to Become Fear-less with Nadine Champion

Nadine’s story is championship material. She is calm, collected and even though it’s only audio you receive over the podcast, you can feel the sensibility of her voice when she weighs trainings against goals, character against victory and extending respect to her sinsei whom she credits for giving her the steep learning curve that sculpted her fighting career into a top ranked undisputed champion; a reputation that has preceded her presence. For Nadine the champ, the fight wasn’t just in the ring but also in life when she was diagnosed with cancer at the peak of her fitness. This is yet another Hollywood material.

Kerwin Rae extracts wisdom from the people he interviews.
For more on Kerwin Rae, check him out here.

3. The Dave Ramsey Show

Are you in a financial mess? Are the banks hunting you down like a fugitive? Have you been blacklisted by the credit authorities? Can’t seem to make the right decision on what to spend from your hard earned salary? How about a side hustle, do you need it?

Dave Ramsey is arguably the best financial advisor on the planet.
Dave Ramsey, easily the most trusted walking financial wisdom.

I found Dave Ramsey by chance and I am very grateful to have actually discovered this gem of a guy. At the individual person’s level, Dave is America’s answer to personal financial crisis. He does not only advise you what to do with your money, he also walks the talk by demonstrating that he can in fact lead by example. How does he do that? His website declines credit card transactions because he believes debts, like credit card debts, will do you more harm than good. As such, only debit cards are accepted.

In his programme, he praises the power of cash and settling all debts in a disciplined manner. The stylish BMW should also be replaced with your house as the best status symbol because after paying off your mortgage, guess what? You’ll have the luxury of saving for retirement and investing wisely.

Dave has been around since 1992 when he began on one radio station in Nashville, Tennessee. Now, almost three decades later, his entire office has only recently moved to a new 6-storey facility just outside of Nashville. Why is this special? Because from being a one-man radio DJ, his divine purpose has helped him expand to 900-employees to serve the public in fixing their financial calamities. 

Their organisation helps people with programmes like Financial Peace University and through fellow presenters like Dave’s daughter Rachel Cruze and Chris Hogan who are equally good in guiding you out of your financial rut, newsletters and a whole lot of materials on their website.

I have heard so many of Dave’s podcasts that I can’t quite pin down which is the best because they are all that good! Don’t take my word for it, listen to it for yourself.

You can listen to them even if it’s in a random order because with every episode comes a different set of callers who would explain very different kinds of financial management approach.

Dave will listen, decipher and attempt to give the best advice that he can give from his years of experience guiding people out of their financial misery in the last 27 years and after listening to them, you will come to know why Dave’s still the man.

Why I would recommend listening to him? 

Because unlike some of the financial gurus out there who will not stop at nothing to ask you to invest regardless of your personal financial situation, Dave looks into your well-being including the all important factor – disclose all to your spouse and how both husband and wife should sit down to iron out the dollars and cents.

In addition to that, because he champions and prioritises such family ties, it makes him superior even when he hasn’t made one single dollar out of the listeners who tune in to listen. Now that’s what I call true neutral and impartial advice.

If I may share a little more, here are some of what I’ve heard:

  1. A lady who has worked all her life as a nurse is retiring as a millionaire because she was prudent in her life and diligent in keeping to a budget lifestyle.
  2. Families buckled down with their children and live a simple life until the debt is settled and are invited to Dave’s show to do the Debt Free Scream. How cool is that?
  3. A young lady who aimed to just pay off her house and sacrificing all alluring temptations of new dresses, new mobile phones etc. She achieved it at around age 30. Dave laughed it off, “It’s a crime to be able to do so in America at that age!” 😀
  4. Young lads as part of the military get big thank you’s from Dave for serving America because although they are working in the field to protect the country, they still have the right mindset to evaluate their financial options so they won’t retire broke. That’s right, military men seeking advice from radio presenter and podcast host Dave Ramsey.
  5. Dave empathised with some of those who called in that he rewarded them with free Financial Peace University courses so they can be educated about managing their finances properly.

Granted that most of the advice are American-oriented but Dave’s methods are all good enough for us to learn and practise them.

If you're in debt and not sure how to overcome the mess, you have to listen to Dave Ramsey.
Find out more about Dave Ramsey here.

So there you are folks, THREE of the best podcasts I’ve been listening to. They get me up to speed when my mood is down or when I’ve just had a disagreement with my plan or someone. It’s powerful content that can drive you from oblivion back to the real world and it’ll help you stay in the best mental shape possible. Wait no more and it is my sincere hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as I have. 

Rock on to 2020!

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