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When Indonesia President Joko Widodo announced his intention of moving the congested capital Jakarta to a location in the Borneo island of Kalimantan, it captured the imagination of everyone interested about the possibilities of such a grandiose plan. 

A news clip by Channel News Asia about the bold plan.

To the pessimists, this is nothing but a display of arrogance and pride because by moving Jakarta, it will relocate not only the administrative capital of the country but also go down in Indonesia’s history as a significantly colossal milestone. 

To the optimists, this is a welcoming change because it embodies everything about moving out of the comfort zone, breaking boundaries and sparking off revolutionary pursuits for the entire nation.

Istana soal Kerusuhan di Papua: Presiden Jokowi Cari Waktu untuk Dialog
The illustrious number one man of Indonesia, President Joko Widodo. (image courtesy of

What the President of Indonesia presented is nothing short of monumental. The successful relocation of Indonesia’s capital could send everyone from the poorest to the wealthiest looking with anticipation of a new chapter for the country. Now whether or not Jokowi will succeed remains to be seen but this mega plan is undoubtedly seated among the upper echelons of global movers and shakers. The litmus test for Jokowi’s prowess has however already been proven positive. How?

As he took office for his second consecutive and final five-year term on 20 October 2019, he wasted no time in appointing the unicorn maverick of ride hailing giant Gojek’s CEO and Co-Founder Nadiem Makarim to his cabinet.

Ingin Mulai Bangun Startup? Ini Kata Nadiem Makarim!
Man of the Hour, Gojek’s Nadiem Makarim (image courtesy of

The centrepiece of this appointment rests not on his appointment but as a strategic footwork that encapsulated a comprehensive master plan to propel and revolutionise Indonesia digitally. It is a framework for a bountiful future in-the-making to be led by none other than Makarim.

What better way to galvanise the country than to move beyond the usual and into a world of unknown predictability where the winner takes it all!

The Tech Frontier

In that regard, tech has given itself to be the catalyst that is rapidly changing the world in what we have in this era called the 4th Industrial Revolution (more on this in a later post). But for now and in the same vein as this post here, are you also ready for a new chapter in your life like Indonesia? More pertinently, have you been yearning for something as dramatic to occur so you too can have a crack at rewriting the story of both your professional and personal life? If your answer is yes, then allow yourself some time to indulge in the following. 

Masters of Scale, from the co-founder of LinkedIn Reid Hoffman, presents the world with an exciting podcast series that draws inspiring tales of challenges and successful exploits from the superstars of the tech industry. We’re talking about real stories from the people behind household names like Google, facebook, Netflix, DropBox, MailChimp, the list goes on. 

Image result for reid hoffman
Sought after investor and start-up guru Reid Hoffman (image courtesy of Reid’s twitter)

Reid gets deep into the crevices of the discovery process and uncovers the truth behind the magic that motivated these entrepreneurs to find the eureka moments. Some lauded the training they had at Google for a detailed eye (Marissa Mayer at Yahoo!) while others credited on-ground diligence knocking door to door (Airbnb) and systematic geographical expansion (ClassPass) as the shovel that struck gold.

The podcasts are well crafted and produced in that they are accompanied by a great mix of music, sound effects and enigmatic storytelling but all done with such finesse that the central figure of each episode is not inhibited from sharing their breakthroughs to the golden crown. While not one interviewee had relocated any capital out of a country, their open sharing is aligned well with all the ingredients and ammunition necessary to leap from an idea and pivot to glorious success.

What was instagram like?
Girl power, billionaire Sara Blakely on how she made it with Spanx.
The buzz behind Spotify.
  • If you’re curious how these unicorns came to be, then you’ll have to listen to Masters of Scale. At the time of writing, there were already 48 Episodes for you to choose from.

If you think it’s all tech stories, then you’re in for a treat because among Masters of Scale’s invited guests were also people like…

Latest on the show now, of the Black Eyed Peas.
Did you know Tory Burch was once a “tomboy”?
If you never knew why it is called a “blog”, Ev Williams will tell you.

On a Personal Note

I too have relocated both my life and work from the perpetually congested Kuala Lumpur at the tail end of 2018 to live from 1 January 2019 in the peaceful surroundings and sometimes mocked as a desert due to its distance from “civilisation”, Malaysia’s very own Silicon Valley – Cyberjaya. How has the move been? Impeccable! Here’s why?

  • There is no traffic crawls in Cyberjaya, better air and the view from our balcony is immaculate, billion dollar, priceless; all in one! The nights are quiet and peaceful, the best environment to have the best family time.
  • Physically, I’m in a better shape thanks to the less stressful life and the more time spent for quality relaxation in the evenings, weekends, not forgetting the abundant public holidays. Sporting activities have also been more frequent.
  • As food can be expensive when you dine out daily in Cyberjaya (and one wonders why it is so really), it compels you to cook and eat at home. This is a healthier option most certainly and it reminds me of my days in university back in Melbourne. Nostalgic!
  • The better environment makes it conducive to now think better and execute more creatively too; case in point, this blog. And if I have to work in the extra hours, I am at the very least not worn out from the stressful commutes in the day and still have energy to pound the keyboards at night. I’ve also had the chance to read nowadays (blissful!!!) which were few and far between to almost non-existent living in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Did I mention we’re also doing our part to save the planet through recycling and reusing what we can?
  • Oh and we also see planes flying regularly…this certainly fuels your imagination!

Just sharing some of the amazing shots right from when we look out into the horizon:

My small relocation of only about 50km at most has brought about the endless benefits to my life, soul, family and clients; and all this only in a span of less than 12 months. And so if an ordinary individual like me can enjoy such boundless praise from one tiny move, imagine what it can do for Indonesia and her loyal 260.63 million citizens when maestro Jokowi’s 2,000km relocation plan turns into reality.

The world had better watch out!

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Just a little more about Cyberjaya.

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2 thoughts on “Galvanise Your Future

  1. Totally agree with your take on the small but beneficial move to our homecity of Cyberjaya from the downtown KL. I did mine back in 2015.


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