Coronavirus or Covid-19 has Spawned Newsletters?

The Covid-19 pandemic has re-ignited the purpose for Newsletters.

Reading a newsletter from just about anywhere, no longer confined to print.
Reading a newsletter from just about anywhere, no longer confined to print.

In an article by “‘Be helpful or prepare for the worst’: how editorial teams are innovating in crisis” by The Drum, Newsletter apparently has received a new lease of life. Big media corporations such as Financial Times, BuzzFeed and The i have all begun releasing their own newsletters.

Financial Times for instance started their Coronavirus Business Newsletter while the less serious BuzzFeed capitalised the pandemic season with Outbreak Today.

British national morning paper The i has also launched its own newsletter focusing on capturing the government’s 5pm press conference on Coronavirus.

BuzzFeed launched two newsletters.
BuzzFeed buzzing in.
The i produced their own newsletter.
Sending details from the government’s 5pm press conference is The i.

The article also discussed the creative ways newspapers have deployed to reinnovate their media game which has long been thwarted by the fanciful algorithms of keywords, SEO’s and the likes. This new breath of, well not as fresh but stale air considering everyone’s locked down at home, but yeah in a way “solution” has given media publishers the reason to wield the supersub that has been benched for a while now or worse, unopened.

The beauty of a newsletter has long been forgotten but it is a piece of publication which an owner, say a trade association or union or a corporation, can use to sing their song. It’s not about the number of pages of course but within it can carry a host of ideals the organisation yearns to sing.

From the company’s stories, groundbreaking technology, overambitious projects (that actually worked), the best hires of the company, where the crystal ball is leading the industry to; these are but some possible newsletter materials anyone can try to disseminate to their now “locked down” audience.

Will this lock down turn people to great readers once again?

Albert Einstein, the greatest genius ever on earth. He changed the world and saw the future.
Will the genius of tomorrow emerge from just watching videos?

Well, the world has begun relegating great journalism reporting and written work and to a certain extent literature to animated and moving objects like videos on the screens. Not that it’s bad but the prize at the end from reading and viewing are effectively two very different trophies.

From reading, that’s where the world was reinvented, changed and charted for the future. That’s where all our inventors, physicists like Einstein, Planck, Faraday, Young came from – universities and as professors themselves too. Once a learned man, always a learned man. You can’t just replace proper learning materials with just animated videos entirely because production costs may not warrant so.

From viewing of video, yes it can be gratifying and very satisfying to watch especially if it’s made like Discovery, National Geographic, the History Channel and those entertaining edutainment we get from youtube. But to internalise learning? Perhaps it can’t accentuate the life changing experience as much as say proper reading can. If we’re wrong, then we stand to be corrected but this Covid-19 season is proving to be a great episode to regenerate an age old passion to get knowledge back to where it belongs – our brains.

And here’s a bit of marketing we’re doing here. Rightwiz is predominantly a publishing company and we assist clients in producing their communication materials. We’ve done quite a few over the years and they include everything from simple web announcements, website copy, marketing posters copy etc to the heavier ones like professional newsletters (12 to more than 50 pages on a quarterly basis), annual reports, books and so on. Yes, we are in the business of producing newsletters too and we have been doing it ever since Moses’ time.

Additionally, from these newsletter projects, we have nurtured the growth of our clients’ voice through these personalised publications to a point where their readers would ask for it if it’s not been sent to them, by mistake of course.

The Power of Newsletter? Targeted Audience, Targeted Materials, Targeted Communication.

Get in touch with us if you see the purpose of rolling out a newsletter of yours right now. Like we said, we’ve done it since Moses’ time. Email us at

Here’s a quick link again to the article by The Drum.

Newsletters get you right on target.
Newsletters get you right on target!

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