To A Meaningful 2021

Before 2020 arrived, there was hope, glorious hope for a successful and bountiful year.

The Olympics we've all been waiting for was postponed due to Covid-19.
For example, the Olympics in Tokyo we’ve all been waiting for was postponed due to Covid-9.

And so all dreams but dashed with the punishing Covid-19 spreading faster than the speeding bullet and by the time March came around, almost everyone was locked in doors for the safety of their lives.

The 2020 that did not truly happen. If at all, we were all swimming to safety and survival.
The 2020 that did not truly happen. If at all, we were all swimming to safety and survival.

With some of us struggling to live within the confines of our homes for extended periods, among us were also those who have suffered great losses – loved ones, jobs and businesses. We for one at Rightwiz have also been impacted greatly and we can only thank our clients who have placed their trust in us to deliver for them in 2020. The road ahead will be tough as some have also expressed their inability to continue with us. To these precious clients, we wish you well and hope the tide will turn sooner rather than later so we can converge once again to serve you we have before this.

But at the very humane level, those who have painstakingly taken stock of how every cent counts, 2020 is a year that is reflective of what a genuine disaster is like and we can only count our lucky stars to have survived the scarring year. And so with each passing day going by, we strive to make life meaningful again and retain whatever sanity we can to sustain the year.

As we are humans and not Avengers superheroes, we need time, diligence and perseverance to see through changes and adapt to it. Nobody said it was going to be easy and the statistics has also reported the sentiments on the ground. It’s not pretty and it will take some time to bounce back.

For those who have weathered through the storm, the old adage of “what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger” applies. And so let 2021 be the year where you will indeed be stronger.

Before we usher in the new year, let us congratulate each other for having survived 2020. The tumultuous year will go down in history as one of the most life-changing ever in human memory.

Remember lockdown works, washing hands works, sanitising and disinfecting works, up our immune system works, black & all lives matter, work from home works, technology works, studying at home works but limited and as such, we still need some flexibility to navigate through as creature of habits that have been used to the freedom we’ve been bestowed with from the very beginning.

Credit also goes to all the frontliners for braving the risks and shielding us from the traumatic experience. Without you, our lives will seriously be compromised.

Dedicating Christmas to all the frontliners!
Dedicating Christmas to all the frontliners!

With technology taking the lead to connect us all, it wouldn’t be right to say we survived 2020 all on our own. Thanks for the connectivity, the food deliveries, the courier service, the songs, the drama, the entertainment, the scandals, the intriguing movies and the comedy that kept us in stitches. We owe it to some innovative minds to have kept us all in check and digitally visible.

Finally, with 2021 coming real close and with lives continuing to be at risk of the virus, let’s not forget that through it all, from lofty goals to aspirational bucket lists wishes, we must embrace each other more than ever. Every moment spent could, well, not just be the final bow but one worth treasuring.

Let’s have a meaningful 2021 as we etch memories for and with each other!


Let's make it a Meaningful 2021!
Happy New Year!