The Emergency That Became A Reality?

6,075 and 6,806, what do they signify and represent?

I was a bit anxious to be honest and so I took some time to look at some stats and here’s what I found at the point of writing.

  1. Out of the 78 countries that reported their daily updates captured by as a quick summary, there were 12 countries with more than 4,000 cases on 20 May 2020. 
  2. Out of the 12 countries, Malaysia is 5th with 6,806 cases, behind India 84,660 followed by Iran with 12,428, Russia 9,232 and Nepal 8,227.
  3. Those above 4,000 cases were Philippines 6,100, Japan 5,819, Indonesia 5,797, Ukraine 5,165, Netherlands 4,632, Iraq 4,580 and Pakistan 4,207.

Granted of course there were another 144 countries which were not included in the daily summary but some of their other stats like total infected cases were. So in terms of Total Number of Cases, where did Malaysia stand? 

42, only because Malaysia’s 492,302 is inferior to Morocco’s 515,758 cases at 41st, Lebanon’s 537,043 (40), UAE’s 551,430 (39), Austria’s 639,616 (38), Switzerland’s 686,152 (37) etc. 

The other Southeast Asian countries that were higher than Malaysia were Indonesia at 18th with 1,758,898 total cases and Philippines at 24th with 1,165,155 cases. When we compare in percentage terms against total population size of our respective countries, Indonesia’s infected rate stood at only 0.64% of her 276,067,124 people whereas Philippines recorded 1.05% from her 110,862,535 people.

In Malaysia, from the 32,730,407 people, our infected rate came in at 1.5%.

The point of this quick assessment is not to paralyse ourselves with the analysis because there’s more numbers than one can chew over their lifetime if we were to scrutinise every bit of the detail. But suffice to say, the numbers call for us to sit up and listen because instead of basking in the glory like a year ago when Malaysia was rated highly for the right reasons, we are sitting at the opposite end of the scale right now.

“It is time to gear up and be more watchful in our days to come. 

I do not know about you but this seems like the emergency that has come to reality. It is time to fight against the virus right here on our turf, not any foreign wars happening thousands of miles away.

The priority is here, the priority is now. It’s time to mask up, toughen our bodies and strengthen our resolve to break the circuit of this mutant called Covid-19. It’s time to Combat Covid-19!

Update: The list was subsequently added with Brazil 78,903, Argentina 35,884, US 28,398, Colombia 16,086, France 15,415, Germany 10,727, Turkey 9,385, Chile 7,682, knocking Malaysia out of the top 10. For the latest figures, head on to

The Emergency That Became A Reality? It’s time to Combat Covid-19!
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