Now on Lazada – What If You Could Complete Jeremiah in 8 Weeks?

Just as we were sharing the exciting news about Amazon.SG providing FREE Shipping to Malaysia for orders exceeding S$40, we received another one that is set to supersize the excitement – our EBook is now available on Lazada!!

It's finally here on Lazada, go here to get a copy of your EBook now:
It’s finally here on Lazada, go here to get a copy of your EBook now.

Unusual but welcoming

It was just over 12 hours ago when we shared the good news from Amazon.SG and now here we are again to drum up the noise. The significance of having the book on a platform closer to home is many fold but here are just some of the most pertinent:

  • Malaysia being the place of where this book was written and where author Ivan Tan resides in.
  • Making it more convenient for Malaysians to buy and read it because not many here are Kindle users (Kindle being the eBook format on Amazon).
  • e-Book is far more affordable as it attracts zero shipping cost.

Ultimately, this book is about life and if we dare take it a step further, it has the propensity to change lives. So making it available in Malaysia affordably becomes a no-brainer, literally.

To give you a bit of background…

What If You Could Complete Jeremiah in 8 Weeks?” was first announced to the public exactly one year ago. Written by Rightwiz’s Founding Director and Partner Ivan Tan, the book was his first and being first comes with a long list of sentimental reasons.

Chiefly, it marked his first attempt at being an author and secondly, perhaps even more important, is that he tackled a subject that is often shunned in the commercial world. Incidentally, it is business materials Ivan is most proficient in having served clients in a variety of industry verticals like real estate, B2B travel, tech, consumer products, motivational, events, book authoring/publishing etc. His maiden attempt at a spiritual life-changing book amid the Covid-19 pandemic has as such caught many by surprise and this included China Christian Daily (read Ivan’s interview here).

“What If You Could Complete Jeremiah in 8 Weeks?” is written over 51 chapters as it follows a chapter by chapter daily meditation from the Bible’s Book of Jeremiah’s 52 chapters. The variance of 1 chapter is explained in the book, as are the revelations that emerged from Ivan’s daily meditation of one chapter a day. Through it, he also witnessed the startling resemblance of incidents between the ancient days and 2020 & 2021, and the surprising elements like the conduct of commerce in the days of Jeremiah that can and should be replicated in our day-to-day commercial dealings. If one thinks Christianity is just all about love, joy, peace, forgiveness and friendships, they are in for a ride!

There's also a preview of the Table of Contents of the 306-page book.
There’s also a preview of the Table of Contents of the 306-page book.

According to a review left on Amazon on 16 April 2022:

I bought this book as the title attracted me. Reading this book chapter after chapter gave me goosebumps. It explains the relationship between God and Jeremiah where every event that took place reflects the world we are in today. Author had logically and rhetorically written this great book.

We are grateful for the generous compliment left by the anonymous reviewer and no, we have no idea who the kind soul is to extend such kind words. But just as the reader had enjoyed the storytelling of “What If You Could Complete Jeremiah in 8 Weeks?”, we hope it will also do the same for you.

May you be thoroughly blessed by the book and if you so wish to, it can be part of your Christmas presents this December!

“What If You Could Complete Jeremiah in 8 Weeks?” is a 306-page book and not dissimilar to the paperback version. On Lazada, the e-Book is retailed at RM9.00 only. You can get your copy here.

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