What If You Could Complete Jeremiah in 8 Weeks?

It could change your life, during & after the Covid-19 era

Although the Book of Jeremiah was written about 2,600 years ago around 585-580BC, the content is still relevant to our lives today. It talks about a life with God and a relationship with Him, honouring Him through our life practices, in making choices and decisions as well as the necessary components to watch out for in our professional endeavours. It is therefore still highly meaningful to a world infected by the Covid-19 pandemic because the comprehensive material can influence our lives to be positive with God and see how He goes and champion our cause even during times of emergencies and crises.

Completing this book in 8 weeks is highly possible, what more when it can change your life!

“Ivan Tan’s devotional approach touches the core of what Jeremiah is about. His thoughts pushes through the maze of theological, historical and biblical complexity enshrined in the book and focuses on the impact God can make in the very core of our being, namely, the “heart” and at the same time exposes God’s “heart” for us as we journey through one of the most complex and painful periods in human history, namely the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Ong Sek Leang, Senior Pastor of Metro Tabernacle A/G


Further, throughout the Book of Jeremiah, there were expressions of love, mercy, forgiveness, redemption, restoration, servanthood, the call to return to God, warnings about prosperity gospel, His power and His promises. There were also cautions against arrogance, pride and stories relating to anxiety, depression, exiles, discernment, purpose, discipline, commitment, loyalty, legacy, seasons and lineage.

What made it vastly appealing to modern society is that the ancient text is also reflective of the 21st century professional marketplace such as employment, contractual relationships, of buying land (yes it could be that specific), signing of agreements, safekeeping of documents, the economy, the big picture and more. As such, the stereotypical Christian vocabularies of only love, mercy and forgiveness were quickly dismissed as the text in Jeremiah unveiled pertinent issues that are as relatable to the Covid-19 crisis and, surprisingly too, to the prevailing settings of frontliners, lockdowns and slavery.

What If You Could Complete Jeremiah in 8 Weeks?” is a book of the pandemic era having been put together through the rising caseloads of Covid-19 and finally published in July 2021. As the world continues to be under threat from the infectious variants like Delta and Lambda, this book can be a defining companion to those who seek the Almighty God for solutions. It is also a great reminder of hope, love and more than ever, God is still very in our lives today.

Why get this book?

  • It’s surprising to see a similar chaotic atmosphere between the initial days of Covid-19 and Jeremiah’s time 2,600 years ago.
  • It was an absolute shocker to read about corpses strewn on the streets in some countries due to insufficient burial grounds to cope with Covid-19’s death rate. Jeremiah also documented bodies laid this way.
  • It ached the heart to read about parents left helpless as they were not able to fend for their children because of the virus. Yes, this was also mentioned in Jeremiah even though the reasons were different but the excruciating pain is likely to be identical.
  • Living commercial examples of today like the use of an Agreement, the Safekeeping of this document, the function of Negotiation etc were described in detail in Jeremiah, a text written more than 2,600 years ago.

The startling similarities may be cautionary tales of coincidence to some but to author Ivan Tan, they are reminders for us in the modern times….something which may be able to help us live by if we can find the essence of how our lives ought to be shaped and led.

About the Author

Ivan Tan, Author of What If You Could Complete Jeremiah in 8 Weeks? and Partner at Rightwiz.
Ivan Tan, Author of What If You Could Complete Jeremiah in 8 Weeks? and Partner at Rightwiz.

In his pioneering effort, “What If You Could Complete Jeremiah in 8 Weeks?” is the maiden book by Ivan Tan, Partner of Rightwiz.

“He finds nothing more satisfying than writing about God and how the Maker impresses him every time something new dawns from the reading of His Word. He finds the word of God refreshing, powerful and future-telling that sometimes amazes him as to how the Lord prepares him for what is to come.

Ivan and his family worship at Collective KL and before the Covid-19 pandemic, they were at Metro Tabernacle A/G.

In his free time, he enjoys the freedom from the expanse of space in his surroundings where he would stare into the horizon as his mind relaxes with thoughts combusting inside his head. Other times he prefers to transport himself away from reality into the world of movies and if time permits, books, and if all circumstances allow it to happen, catching up with family and friends to chat about everything there is to talk about under the sun. It’s his way of connecting with people and the world.

What If You Could Complete Jeremiah in 8 Weeks? written by Ivan Tan, Partner of Rightwiz is now available on Amazon and Lazada Malaysia.
Available now on Amazon and Lazada Malaysia!

The official press release of “What If You Could Complete Jeremiah In 8 Weeks?” is here.

First released on, get the paperback here ( and Kindle version here (
First released on, get the paperback here and Kindle version here.
Get the e-Book version from Lazada Malaysia.:
Get the e-Book version from Lazada Malaysia.
Buy "What If You Could Complete Jeremiah in 8 Weeks?" from Amazon.SG:
Buy “What If You Could Complete Jeremiah in 8 Weeks?” from Amazon.SG.