Often, organisations start with a bold ambition to communicate with their community through newsletters but are challenged by limitations of internal resources, this is where Rightwiz comes in as the perfect solution.

The series of messages encapsulated within every edition of the newsletter can be quite personal to an organisation. It ranges from a market commentary reflecting current events, making a bold statement about a government policy, presenting a company’s findings in a certain industry, reporting of facts & figures, introduction of a new product, the rolling out of a new service, the unveiling of new premises, the addition of team players of calibre, to the more passionate announcements the company deeply cares about. It’s sharing of the company’s dearest information so the community is kept in the loop about the brand, the progress and the story so far.

…a Newsletter in this sense is not just email garbage, it can be an organisation’s mouthpiece, an effective one when it’s done right; a powerful tool to keep your community engaged!

HB Advisor is a quarterly property newsletter by international asset consultants Henry Butcher Malaysia.

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