Bali Bistro

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Purpose: Breaking boundaries, breaking norm to produce content that befits the exquisite creation of restaurant BaliBistro and yet appeal to the new generation of food lovers, hunters, “investors” via its website.

An extract of the content:


Like an epic, a movie

Like Eat Pray Love

We fell in love with Bali

Where food, marvellous

Ambience, impeccable!




“The story of this collection of Balinese restaurant may have only been a decade long but it is our genuine dedication to serving only the best that makes us different – the rest is up to your imagination.”



About Us

RWBBWeb03“BumbuBali or simply Spices Bali opened its doors in 2004 to inspire the Balinese ambient into Malaysia. It is a destination of food, sight, sound, feel and smell; one that evokes the sensitive romanticism of Bali.”


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