Lingham’s Chilli Sauce

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Purpose: For client’s sales kit to participate in a food exhibition in USA.

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LinghamMsia03The Lingham’s Story

The story of Lingham’s began in 1908 in the nostalgic settings of Butterworth of Penang in Malaysia. Then, creator Mr Lingham of Indian descent had come to Malaysia to venture into his own business. A pure, genuine taste of a chilli sauce was what he dished out for his audience made up mostly by the British colonial expatriates in Penang. Accordingly, his passion led him to cycle to the docks and sold from bottle to bottle. Through time, Mr Lingham caught on and so did his impeccable chilli sauce, or hot sauce chilli/pepper as the Americans prefer to call it.

In over a century, the distinct taste of Lingham’s remained very much the same – pure, preservatives free, GMO and gluten free – in fact, its pillars of ingredients of red chilli, vinegar, sugar and salt never ventured beyond its original recipe. The success of this sauce you could say was as innocent as its creator’s intention to delight the palates of his audience and its humble beginnings now see his fans longing for more in over 25 countries; that’s testament of Lingham’s authentic taste, quality and the firepower of this spicy business.

The story of Lingham’s is as rich as the history of the world since its inception in 1908. After two world wars, economic downturns and a new world order, memories of this sauce are perhaps as thick as the throne of England. Incidentally, Lingham’s also received appreciation letters from Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth in August 2012 and later again from The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince William and Kate Middleton in December the same year. In it they complimented Lingham’s great taste and hospitality for presenting the delicious sauce in a specially encased box. No wonder then, in its pure intention to only delight those who indulge in the finest contends today as its most alluring strengths – one that has driven the good name of Lingham’s to last more than a century now.

LinghamMsia04The Lingham’s Range

Our prime and classic product is the pioneering Lingham’s Chilli Sauce or Hot Sauce Chilli/Pepper for the Americans. Today, we have added more to our range as taste buds get more sophisticated around the world.

  • 100% pure and natural ingredients of red chilli, vinegar, salt and sugar
  • No preservatives
  • No tomato paste/puree
  • No thickeners

LinghamMsia06The Lingham’s Versatility

As a condiment of choice, Lingham’s is your favourite companion from the breakfast table to a lunch picnic, a gourmet meal by the marina to big family cookouts, it has literally served the world over including the natural-inclined taste buds of the Japanese and even those in the army.


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