Connexion@Nexus – Launch Program

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Purpose: For client’s official launch of premises in conjunction with a concert.

An extract of the contents:

JourneyBegins_Page_03<Welcome Message>

It is my honour to welcome you to the official launch of Nexus at Bangsar South City, Kuala Lumpur. This auspicious evening marks the beginning of a new chapter for the UOA Group as well as the impetus of its very own, UOA Hospitality.

As we come to celebrate this special evening, allow me to extend my sincere appreciation to you my respected guests and friends for making this evening a reality.

At this juncture, allow me to thank the management of the UOA Group for creating this masterpiece development for us all. This is truly an amazing development worth praising and a successful living model of business and personal needs integrated as one. Our gratitude to you for supporting us in this journey.

JourneyBegins_Page_06<About Connexion@Nexus/Connexion@Nexus>

The successful thematic concept of Connexion@Nexus comes with the purpose to serve life and of life celebrations. Cleverly mixed together, events of boutique to large sizes of 2,100 people are possible at this very place.

“Every event thus inherits the efficient attention of Connexion@Nexus that it deserves”


The perfect venue for the perfect wedding, it is also perfect for award presentations and annual dinners. JourneyBegins_Page_07The Nexus 1, 2 and 3 ballrooms are intuitively built for 330 to 900 people and creatively styled to suit every occasion. The ballrooms are column-free and this roomy ambience is complemented further by its 15’ high ceiling, giving it an expansive atmosphere to cheer to any cause and call. Its grandeur is accentuated further when all three ballrooms combine as one Grand Ballroom to fit 2,100 people in all. We promise even your guests will be in awe.


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