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Purpose: For client’s website to invite potential distributors to the business.

An extract of the contents:

Become a Distributor

Whether you have the network or just a desire to expand into the world of effective food supplements as afforded by our superior products like <Product X> or <Product Y>, we are interested to speak with you.

At Iyashino, we are served by the genuine and effective ingredients that are ahead of most of our peers in the market. This is the marketing edge we have over others that easily becomes part of your critical success factor when you come on board. It is also the best and most natural confidence booster for your business.

Our Product – Whether it is <Product X>, <Product Y> or any new range that comes into the market, we produce them meticulously using the right ingredients with the right and renowned partner in <Country X>. We will also plan the timely release of the products so that your knowledge and momentum is not compromised in the market.

Aside from the above, we will also engage in constant contact with you to ensure you are on the right track.